Spokane Art Gallery
Featuring a new art show every month, Tinman Gallery, a locally owned and managed art gallery in Spokane, Washington, can be found in the heart of the historic Garland Village District, just a three minute drive from downtown Spokane.
Northwest Regional Artists
Primarily focusing on paintings, the Tinman Gallery exhibits the best of the Northwest regional artists and prize-winning Native American artists from the Spokane, Colville, Blackfeet and Arapahoe nations.
Featured Artists
Tinman Gallery has featured many artists over the years including: Mel McCuddin, Ric Gendron, George Flett, Harold Balazs, Ruben Trejo, Ilse Killian-Tan, Gordon Wilson, Melissa Cole, Erin Crooks-Wallace, and Kurt and Margot Casstevens.
Art Book Collection
Tinman Gallery has an independent bookstore featuring contemporary literature and one of the largest art book selections in Spokane. An entire section of the bookstore is dedicated to Children’s illustrated storybooks and art books.